Commemorating the 50th anniversary of his odyssey voyage across Lake Michigan in a bathtub, Vic Jackson recounts his journey in this fantastic tale of determination and friendship.

The adventure begins with an innocent $5 bet followed by the haphazard construction of a quasi-seaworthy bathtub boat built by volunteers from scrap and equipped with borrowed items. Even an embarrassing rescue by the Coast Guard in a failed first attempt at crossing the lake and the constant media circus did not deter Vic from ultimately winning the bet.

Read and be enthralled as this incredible journey demonstrates that not all accomplishments are the product of vision and careful planning but, rather, can be the “perfect storm” of crazy ideas, ingenuity, and sheer persistence as Vic ultimately achieves success when he pilots his bathtub craft from Ludington, Michigan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin on August 24, 1969.

Below, is a link to a video interview on TV channel 9/10 in Cadillac, Michigan.