Photo Album

June 1969, Jackson kids, left to right: Gene Age 2, Victor “Lee” Jr. age 8, Wendy age 5, Robin age 1, Kelly age 3, Kevin age 7.
Testing in the Grand River near Lansing, Michigan
Vic testing the flotation under load.
July 4, 1969 Greg Hiscock doing a radio check and preparing the Bathtub craft for the next day’s voyage.
Departure on July 5, 1969 in Pere Marquette Lake Photo Credit: UPI
July 5, 1969 U.S. Coast Guard towing the bathtub craft back to Ludington, Michigan
Dave Haddrill on the left and Greg Hiscock on the right preparing the Bathtub craft for launch in the Straits of Mackinac Sunday, August 3, 1969
August 3, 1969 Crossing the Straits of Mackinac near the Mackinac suspension bridge
July 3, 1969 Dave Haddrill left, Greg Hiscock middle, Unidentified person looking over the Bathtub craft in St. Ignace, Michigan at the north end of the Mackinac bridge.
Departure from Ludington on August 24, 1969 -Photo Credit: Russ Miller
July 24, 1969 Gordon Forger and his Nephew accompanying the Bathtub craft on Lake Michigan near Ludington, Michigan

August 24, 1969 Arrival in Manitowoc, Wisconsin approximately 8:30 PM CT 
at the municipal boat dock.  Photo credit UPI
August 24, 1969 Arrival in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and the greeting by Mayor John Krey of the City of Manitowoc
July 25, 1969 The Bathtub craft moored below the bridge tenders shack on the Manitowoc River in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Front view of “Vic’s Folly”
Vic’s Folly bathtub craft, overhead view
Bathtub watercraft, rear view
At the Cincinnati, Ohio Boat Show in January 1970